Joe Okuda (Nature Sound Artist)

Utilizing the Neumann Binaural Microphone and
state-of-the-art digital recording equipment,
Joe Okuda records exquisite sounds of nature
from around the world. Using these nature sounds as a foundation for his projects, Joe brings his producing and engineering experience to create a comprehensive world of nature.

Joe's projects were conceived from his feelings of desperation to
capture and preserve the sounds of nature in our environment
that is constantly being threatened by extinction and to bring forth environmental awareness to all.

As a witness to the slowly vanishing beauty of nature,
Joe Okuda takes initiative in documenting and archiving
these sounds to be passed onto the next seven generations. Joe currently splits his time between Tokyo and Los Angeles.


Akira Takahashi (piano)

Akira studied at the German National Hamburg College of Music. After a time of actively performing as a cembalist and organist throughout Europe, he returned home to Japan.

Akira is a pianist/keyboardist who is at ease playing everything from classical to pop music. His improvisational style of music is defined as producing a uniquely elegant sound. He is also an accomplished recording engineer and producer.


Naoyuki Fujii (sax)

Naoyuki Fujii of Checkers fame already has 12 solo albums under his belt. Aside from his solo work, he is involved in a group called F-Blood with his famed, elder brother Fumiya Fujii.

He also performs with an instrumental group called Nonchords along with bassist Tsugutoshi Goto and percussionist Nobu Saito. He also plays with a group called “Abura-Zu” comprised of Checkers alum instrumentalists.

He has also become increasing active in producing music for films. His film music credits include "Founder of a Religion Birth" and "100 Miles to Heaven.”